Saturday, 1 October 2011

Recent film and TV BBFC clearances

Three upcoming films that the BBFC have cleared as including sex. Broken Lines had its cinema opening yesterday, Olivia Williams stars. Next Friday, 7 Lives opens in the cinema and is then out on DVD 3 days later. It stars the often naked Kate Ashfield.

A lesbian relationship drama called Break My Fall is out on DVD next week. Kat Redstone and Sophie Anderson are the leads, the BBFC lists sex, nothing is on show in the trailer but it includes has a clip where both leads are topless.

The BBFC clearance for episode 3 (next week's episode) of The Fades says it has sex in it. That'll be the Sophie Wu scene mentioned recently. Episode 2 cut away from a sex scene and took great pains to describe Lily Loveless's character as semi naked in a dream sequence while showing her in a bra and knickers. I don't think there's much chance of nudity from it.

Episode 2 of Fresh Meat had another sex scene with nothing on show from Kimberley Nixon. Charlotte Ritchie and Gemma Chan are listed as having sex scenes in the next 2 episodes.


  1. Kat Redstone's showreel on Vimeo shows a bit more of the sex scene - almost but not quite topless.

  2. Just a heads up about a comedy sketch show being shown at the moment on BBC2 on Thursday nights.

    This is called Women but is in fact a French programme originally call Nous les Femmes and being French has no inhibitions about including generous helpings of nudity

  3. It's actually called Vous Les Femmes, but curiously the bushes of both women were digitally covered up (despite it being shown at midnight on BBC2), yet the same scenes are on Dailymotion with no censorship....

  4. Do you have links for those scenes on dailymotion? Can't seem to find them using a vous less femmes search. Thanks in advance!



  6. Failing that, go to, turn off the family filter and type in judith siboni in the search box, and both her and Olivia Cote's nude scenes will be accessible.