Saturday, 9 April 2011

Emilia Clarke Nude in Game of Thrones

Upcomingnudescenes has got a description of the nudity in the first two episodes of Game of Thrones and there is excellent nudity from Emilia Clarke.

Episode 1:
"Gorgeous and young English actress Emilia Clarke plays Daenerys, daughter of the deposed king. She's being traded to a warlord by her brother Viserys in exchange for an army. While preparing to meet the warlord she is stripped naked by her brother, and we get lingering shots of her breasts. After her brother leaves we get another shot of her breasts, and then her butt as she enters a large hot bath. Another shot of her breasts as she lowers herself into the bath."

"After the wedding the warlord Drogo and Daenerys ride off to a secluded beach. He strips her naked, we get a shot of her breasts as he grabs them from behind, bends her over and has sex with her."

Episode 2:
"Emilia Clarke is shown near the start of the episode being taken from behind again by Drogo, her breasts are visible and moving a lot from the force of the sex."

Esme Bianco is nude in Episode 1

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