Friday, 15 October 2010

Upcoming TV

Yesterday I mentioned Lip Service as a series with possible nudity prospects and there are a couple more TV series of interest at the moment.

The Pillars of the Earth was shown in the USA during the summer and starts on Channel 4 tomorrow.  The good news is, it's got a number of nude scenes, mostly from Natalie Worner, the bad news is that Hayley Atwell's use a body double for rear shots, careful camera angles for one topless scene and nipple patches for another. The only British actress who gets them out is Lisa Millett in episode 6.

The BBFC have classified two episodes (missing out episode one) of Sky's Thorne: Sleepyhead which is on Sky One on Sunday nights at the moment.  Episode two is rated 15 for strong violence, language and sexualised nudity.  The female cast includes Natasha McElhone, Sara Lloyd-Gregory, Aisling Loftus and Lily Loveless so it might be worth looking out for.


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